Dubai Nude Photoshoot: Model Complains About Coercion

One of the Ukrainian girls who were arrested in Dubai for a candid photo shoot, Irina Sotulenko, says: “We were forced to go out onto the balcony.” Her lawyer says.

Irina’s lawyer says that now there is no contact with the girl, although her deportation was expected. ABOUT events, which caused a stir and controversial reaction in the network, the model told him frankly and in detail. She claims that on that day, all the girls were ordered to undress and go to the balcony of the skyscraper to shoot. If they refused, the contracting models would have lost their royalties, so everyone obeyed.

Session organizer 41-year-old Vitaly Grechin allowed to post these images from a balcony in the Dubai Marina area on the network. The incident resulted in the arrest of most of the group’s members by the Dubai police. Before concluding a contract for the services of a lawyer, Irina Sotulenko communicated with him by video link and by correspondence. She recounts the events of that day:

“It’s all because of the idiots who came up with the idea to post it on Instagram. Grechin “completely m @@@@”. He’s an adult, how could he be so stupid? They made us go out onto the balcony. I told them: “Children, we are in an Arab country, let’s not show off.” But, damn it, they made us go out onto the balcony, took pictures and God knows what will happen next. “

In another video chat with a lawyer, the model says:

“We were forced to go to this balcony in another hotel. We were photographed naked on the balcony. Someone took photographs from another building. Vitaly has now been summoned to the police and will probably be sent to prison. “

On the same day, Irina rushed to the airport to fly home after the photo session, but the authorities ordered her to return to the city and make a statement to the police, after which, supposedly, she would be able to leave freely. However, the girl was arrested, and at first she had no connection even with her parents. She is currently expected to be deported from the UAE.

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