25-year-old pregnant woman doused with acid

A 25-year-old woman who is 4 months pregnant complained to ΕΛΑΣ that an unidentified man attacked her with caustic liquid as she walked along Kipseli shortly after midnight, from Sunday to Monday.

According to preliminary information, the woman was doused with an unidentified caustic liquid, which immediately reminded the police the case of an attack on 34-year-old Ioanna in Kallithea, who was doused by a rival with sulfuric acid.

In particular, according to the Athenian-Macedonian news agency, citing police sources, the young woman complained that while walking along Epirus Street, not far from the church of Ag. Kyriaki, a car suddenly stopped next to her. A man jumped out of it, immobilized the victim and splashed a caustic liquid in his face, after which he disappeared.

The girl was admitted to the Evangelismos hospital, where she is currently undergoing treatment. The police are investigating the incident.

We will remind, as previously wrote “Russian Athens”, in the metropolitan area of ​​Kallithea on May 20, 2020, there were “showdowns” between two women. One doused the other with sulfuric acid. At the same time, 34-year-old Ioanna was admitted to the hospital in serious condition. Doctors diagnosed a chemical burn of 20% of the patient’s body. Law enforcement agencies immediately launched an investigation into the brutal, personally motivated attack. According to preliminary information, the attacker committed the crime out of hatred and jealousy.

The victim of the crime, a young woman, went to work in the office that day. At 09:40 she entered the entrance of the building located on Fiseos Street (Kallithea) and stopped at the elevator. At that moment, a “dressed in black” woman in a protective mask approached her and suddenly splashed some liquid on her. As it turned out, it was sulfuric acid that got on the face and body of the victim. According to eyewitnesses, the criminal immediately retired, running across Fiseos Avenue, and took a taxi.

At this time, Joanna began to scream in pain, and passers-by immediately rushed to her aid. The girl was taken to the nearest pharmacy, where the pharmacist helped the victim to remove the fabric of clothing that had literally melted and adhered to the skin, and provided first aid.

For three months the patient was treated in the burn center of the Triasio hospital. She has now undergone 10 recovery operations and is at home. Alas, John still has a long way to go to recovery.

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