Who is she, the victim of a fatal accident in Gavdos

The young student of the Technical University of Crete, who died in a car accident in Gavdos, is grieved not only by the public of the island, but also by many citizens far beyond its borders.

A 25-year-old student, originally from Kerkyra, chose this remote island for life and creative work. About a year ago, in July 2020, Corina presented her research paper titled “Alternative Tourism: A Methodology for Creating an Environmentally Friendly Ecotourism Site in Gavdos” via a teleconference at the School of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete.

This is what she did when she arrived on the “island of her dreams.” In her research work, the student wrote: “I am researching the phenomenon of tourism. I believe that in connection with the quality of life, as well as respect for humans and the environment, it becomes necessary to combine ecology and design as auxiliary concepts of the construction canons. The idea of ​​the study is based on the application of these parameters in the design and construction of eco-friendly housing for ecotourism, small in size and consisting mostly of natural materials available in Gavdos. “

However, the girl’s plans were not destined to come true. One day, while in a parked car with a 40-year-old resident of the island, she died – the car in an incomprehensible way fell off a cliff. According to the authorities, the car was put on the hand brake, but at some point he refused, and tragedy struck.

An architectural student of the Technical University of Crete died instantly, and her companion managed to jump out of the car at the last moment, and he received numerous injuries.

According to local media reports, the car that fell into the abyss was found by a passing driver, and the authorities were notified of this. The girl’s body was rescued from the crumpled car by rescuers EMAK and delivered to Chania by helicopter. The man was taken to a local hospital where he is being treated.

“On behalf of the City Council, we express our deepest condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased. God grant that there are no other victims of car accidents on our island, ”the local authorities said in a statement.

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