Asymptomatic coronavirus: 5 signs of a previous illness

It is known that approximately 40% of people, according to an expert in infectious diseases, professor at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee William Schaffner, carry Covid-19 “on their feet” without experiencing characteristic symptoms.

How to determine if a winter cold was a coronavirus or if it went completely unnoticed? Lead researcher at Johns Hopkins University Dr. Ames Atzalas says:

“There are some signs that clearly indicate that you contracted the coronavirus and, luckily for you, defeated it without realizing it.”

People infected with coronavirus who carry it in a mild form may experience the usual manifestations of a cold: chills and mild fever, cough and difficulty breathing, physical fatigue and myalgia, headache or diarrhea. William Schaffner names the main signs that are highly likely to indicate the transferred coronavirus or its mild course at the moment. Check for similar symptoms:

As a rule, fatigue and weakness after suffering the flu go away gradually, over about two weeks. If this period has increased to two or more months, then you have suffered a coronavirus. Especially if such manifestations as myalgia, numbness, stiffness, pain throughout the body are added to physical exhaustion and malaise during illness. Difficulty breathing and shortness of breath are common signs of infection. Dr. Schaffner warns: “It is not entirely clear how long this symptom may last, but it is clear that it is due to pneumonia. However, temporary shortness of breath is the most vague symptom that could classify someone as a coronavirus patient without being diagnosed with a test. ” A dry and prolonged cough is a hallmark of the coronavirus. Moreover, it is dry, without mucus and phlegm, and lasting for at least 2-3 weeks. This symptom was experienced by about 45% of people who suffered the coronavirus without any additional manifestations and did not know about the infection. Loss of taste and smell in COVID-19 is an optional but common symptom. Dr. Atzalas says this is an important indicator of the coronavirus: “Data from the American Academy of Otolaryngology and Surgery (AAO-HNS) show that 27% of those who have lost their sense of smell improved their sense of smell within a week, most after 10-15 days. but for some, the loss of aromas may persist for a long period. ” Unexplained hair loss was not initially associated with Covid-19, but many people who have had coronavirus have complained of similar problems. Dr. Atzalas explains: “This is due to a condition known as carbon apoptosis, which also occurs when various other factors occur – extreme stress, pregnancy, sudden weight fluctuations.”

Dr.Atsalas reminds that the coronavirus is not fully understood, and besides, it constantly mutates. Therefore, even if you are convinced that you have endured it without a symptom, you should not relax. Re-infection is possible, and you could pose a threat to other people: “That’s why you wear a mask, keep your distance and do the test!”

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