Video footage obtained during the investigation into the murder of Giorgi Karaivaz

Police officers of the Attica security department, investigating the circumstances of the murder of journalist Giorgi Karaivaz, received data from CCTV cameras, Alpha reports.

At 15:00 on Sunday, April 11, the funeral of the famous Greek journalist Georgy Karaivaz will take place, in cold blood shot on the doorstep of your home. The funeral ceremony will take place in his homeland, in the village of Kallifito (Drama). The investigation into his murder is in full swing, with surveillance footage in the hands of the Attica security police.

Apparently, they contain images of criminals located approximately 300 meters from the place of execution. It seems that they are being informed about the current location of the journalist’s car and its approach. Law enforcers have yet to identify the accomplices and the vehicle on which they moved, since so far the information indicates their unconditional presence.

The data obtained by EL.AS employees indicate that the crime was ordered and carefully planned – the journalist’s routes of movement and his daily work schedule, as well as the escape route, which would allow the killers to quickly escape from the crime scene, were studied. Presumably, the criminals who shot Giorgi Karaivaz moved along Granikou Street, and then along Papandreou Street went to Ano Kalamaki. During the retreat, the killers exchanged their scooter for another vehicle, on which they got to their final destination.

The Athenian-Macedonian News Agency reports that the investigation is carefully examining Karaivaz’s computer and telephone, and his publications on his own website The examination showed that the journalist received 10 bullets – 6 in the chest, 2 in the head, 1 in the neck and 1 in the palm. In addition, a control shot was fired in the head.

EL.AS management. believes that the crime was ordered and planned, behind it are “professional murderers.” Lefteris Oikonomu, Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, notes that over the past three years, there has been a series of murders, indicating that there is an “open war”. He says it is too early to draw firm conclusions about the journalist’s motives for the crime:

“We study the various issues that he has dealt with from time to time from different angles. It takes time to continue collecting as much data as possible. This is undoubtedly one of the tricky cases, because the way in which this brutal murder happened, as well as others that we have recorded and have occurred earlier, especially in the last three years, show that they are related to death orders. The perpetrators of the murder are participants in organized criminal activity, the investigation of which undoubtedly has, I would say, considerable difficulty. “

The police are investigating the likelihood that the criminals are contract killers who came to the country from abroad with the specific task of killing a journalist. At the same time, as a source of EL.AS. reported CNN Greece, the contractors may not even know the name of the victim, executing the order “blindly”.

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