February 3, 2023

Athens News

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The parties continue despite the quarantine

Despite the Greek government’s measures to protect the population from Covid-19 and the large number of cases, new “rampant parties” were organized on Saturday evening in Barnabas Square in Pagrati, Patras and Thessaloniki, with dozens of young people drinking alcohol to the sound of loud music.

Pagrati residents say dozens of people gather in the square almost every day, violating security measures and the curfew after 21:00, even though many do not wear masks. “Where are the police looking ?!”, – respectable residents who diligently sit at home and pay with “imprisonment (self-isolation)” are indignant for the revelry of young people.

Koronoparty and Patras
On Saturday evening, an impromptu incendiary party was held at Olgas Square in the city center. Many people came to it, did not observe distancing and were without masks.

The same situation in Thessaloniki
An incredible picture of a crowd of people languishing in line for a drink at a popular cafe was captured by a camera in Thessaloniki.

Police officers on motorcycles and patrols tried to disperse the crowd by making recommendations from a megaphone. Nevertheless, many “participants in the gatherings” were reportedly ignored despite the government’s admonitions.

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