The car fell into the abyss with two passengers, one survived

Early on Sunday morning, a tragedy occurred on the island of Gavdos: a car fell into an abyss, a woman died.

The car, in which the man and the woman were traveling, fell off a cliff. According to Flash News, during a car accident, the man was thrown out of the car and taken to a local medical facility with injuries.

According to the information, the accident occurred on the road from Kastri to the village of Vatsiana, located in the south of the island, the car fell into a cliff from a height of several meters.

To provide first aid, doctors, firefighters and local residents rushed to the scene of the accident. A helicopter with EMAK special forces flew from Heraklion to Gavdos. The doctor and rescuers managed to descend from the cliff to where the car with the woman got stuck. Alas, they had to pronounce her death.

The woman was reportedly not a permanent resident of the island, and the man has been living here for a long time.

According to the information, the sharp turn in the road on which the accident occurred is especially dangerous and does not have markings or protective fences. At one time, the authorities here made a mound of rubble for safety. But, as you can see, in this case it did not help to avoid the tragedy.

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