December 2, 2023

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Church: softening of parishioners visiting temples

From tomorrow, a few weeks before Easter, measures for the presence of believers in churches are softened.

In 2021, Easter is celebrated on May 2, respectively, Holy Week will precede this date. On April 25, believers will celebrate the feast of the Lord’s Entry into Jerusalem, or Palm Sunday, and from Monday, April 26, until Holy Saturday, May 1, Holy Week will last.

Forty days (the first 40 days) is the time when we go to meet God. Passion Week is the time when the Lord comes to meet us. Goes through suffering, through the Last Supper, Calvary, the martyrdom, and finally to Easter. He overcomes the last barriers that separate us from God.

According to the ministerial decree, which was published today on 11/04, during the Great Week, as well as the parishioners preceding it, can freely visit all the churches of the country (provided one believer per 25 square meters and with an absolute limit of 20 people in the room):

fourth Sunday of Great Lent (11/4); Wednesday (14/4); Friday Akathist (16/4); Saturday (17/4); Sunday (18/4).

On the rest of the days, 9 people will be allowed into the temple in the “orange” zones, while in the “red” zones, the liturgy will continue to be held behind closed doors.

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