Great Britain: the queen’s loneliness and reflections on the heir to the throne after the passing of Prince Philip

After 70 years of marriage, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain was widowed. Rumors are circulating in the country about the deterioration of her health, which, however, has not been officially confirmed. Possible changes in the monarchy, given the “Brexit” and the venerable age of the queen, who turns 95 on April 21, may well lead to the collapse of the kingdom.

After the death of her husband, Elizabeth II may find herself lonely, despite her many relatives. She called her husband her hope and support, and the world media write that a whole era has gone with the prince, who was a true aristocrat. What does the death of the Duke of Edinburgh mean for the royal family? In Britain there is general mourning, Prince Philip was everyone’s favorite. British journalist Olivia Mason tells the publication

He really was a very modest and intelligent person. A real aristocrat, not an upstart. The last participant in the Battle of Matapan – one of the important battles of the Second World War. The queen had a truly trusting relationship only with him, therefore, with the departure of Philip, she can become lonely, despite her huge relatives. Philip was very supportive of his wife. As he once confessed to his biographer, his job was “to ensure that the queen rules.”

Elizabeth II has been on the throne for almost 7 decades. Despite the fact that the main decisions in the country are made by the parliament and the prime minister, none of them were made without the approval of the queen. They listen to her opinion, discuss all appointments with her, she approves laws and important regulations.

Experts believe that the death of Prince Philip will heat up the passions around the candidate for the heir to the throne, although he was not in line for him. The heir is his 72-year-old son Prince Charles, although, experts say, not everything is so simple. Olivia Mason notes:

The question arose about the heir to the throne. Experts call her grandson, 38-year-old Prince William, the main contender for the British throne. His father and the queen’s son, 72-year-old Charles of Wales, is not as popular, he has no charisma. Many Britons cannot forgive him for a divorce from Princess Diana, whom they loved and loved very much. William, on the contrary, is sympathetic, he has a reputation as a family man, and his wife Kate is called “the second lady Dee”. He served in the Air Force and flew a rescue helicopter. True, the Queen’s eldest grandson has no political experience at all. As for Harry, after leaving Britain and a scandalous interview with Markle, he has almost no chance of taking the throne.

Moreover, Scotland and Northern Ireland are threatening to secede, they do not want to leave the EU. The figure of Elizabeth II is a unifying figure for the subjects of the kingdom, she is very authoritative. Neither the grandson nor the son has such authority either among the elites or in society. However, rumors about the deteriorating health of Elizabeth II may turn out to be groundless.

However, both experts and the British media are speculating about what will happen after the Queen’s death. The Guardian, for example, notes:

The Queen is approaching the end of her reign at the most turbulent moment, when Britain’s place in the world is unclear and the kingdom itself is torn apart by internal political contradictions.

The publication also details what the protocol prescribes in the event of the queen’s death. First of all, a certain circle of people in the government will find out about her – the news from the Queen’s secretary will look like an encrypted phrase: “London Bridge has fallen.” Then the air defense system of the British Air Force will be activated. After that, the leaders of 15 powers, formally ruled by the British monarchy, will receive a message about the death of the Queen. And only then Buckingham Palace will tell the sad news to journalists. The British journalist clarifies:

In general, talking about the monarchy and about everything that happens at Buckingham Palace is taboo. Officially, they don’t like to talk about the Queen’s health, especially now. It is believed that this could cause political complications. And Britain already has enough problems – enough with Brexit and the rebellious Scots.

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