Shock: in the hospital, one patient turned off oxygen to another

Yesterday’s death of a 76-year-old man, a patient at the Erifros Stavros hospital, has raised questions from forensic experts, the answers to which are shocking.

During the investigation into the death of the hospitalized person, it was discovered that he was killed by a 60-year-old hospital patient who was in the same room with him. It was found that he was prevented from falling asleep by a ventilator to which an elderly patient was connected. Without hesitation, he got out of bed and turned off the device! After the cessation of oxygen supply, the man died.

In the hospital, the hype began: a patient suddenly died, who was clearly on the mend. Over the past few days, his health has started to improve significantly. The doctors were worried about the death and finally found strange marks on the pipes connecting the oxygen supply system, so they immediately called the police.

Security personnel checked whether there was access to the patient’s room, except for medical personnel, and then found the fingerprint of his roommate with a criminal record on the ventilator. The man was detained and kept under guard in the hospital, as he is sick with COVID-19.

60-year-old Albanian citizen was previously known to the authorities
Apparently, the man is the culprit in the murder of an elderly patient. According to the OPEN newsgroup, in 2009 he was charged with a fight and in 2019 with indecent behavior towards a minor. For this reason, establishing the identity of the offender was not difficult.

Police announcement
An Albanian man who was detained by the police refused to testify. The report says: “The Athens Police Department, in the context of the investigation into the death of a patient admitted to the Erifros Stavros hospital, opened a case against a foreigner, also hospitalized in the same ward, for the crime of murder. The citizen was arrested and kept under guard in the hospital. “

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