Venezuelan Embassy: Seizure of Material Evidence in Sexual Harassment Case

The confiscation of things in the case of sexual violence will take place at the Venezuelan embassy, ​​such a verdict was adopted by the court of the city of Athens. This is sanctioned by the decision of the Minister of Justice Konstantinos Tsiaras.

The minister’s decree stipulates that things that will be confiscated should not interfere with the work of the embassy in accordance with international standards.

It is noted that a few days ago, Xenia Buzaranidou, a former chef of the embassy, ​​filed a complaint, testifying to sexual harassment by the former Ambassador of Venisuela, which occurred in 2015. According to the chef, the former ambassador went to her kitchen in his underwear and tried to push her against the wall.

“In 2011, I started working at the Venezuelan Embassy. When Mr. Gonzalez came in 2012, he made our lives hell. Not only me, but four other women suffered from his harassment, ”Ms. Buzaranidou describes the incident.

“I was not lucky because I worked in the ambassador’s house, where I was alone. So avoiding my boss wasn’t easy. When something like this happens to you, it crushes you. It weighs on you, and this is what you carry with you every day. It doesn’t go away, it’s not something that can be overcome in one day. It took me about 7 years to overcome this in myself, ”adds Ksenia Buzaranidou.

Nevertheless, it did not end there. It became known to the media that when Ms. Buzaranidu complained to the police, a SYRIZA politician approached her, who asked her not to inflate the incident and to demonstrate “political maturity”.

SYRIZA asked me to be silent
It is known that after the scandal, SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras sent a letter to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to remove the ambassador and cover up the case.

Venisuela Ambassador Franklin Gonzalez and Prime Minister (2015-2019) of Greece Alexis Tsipras

“An attempt was made to hide it. One politician from SYRIZA, I do not want to mention his name, asked me to show political maturity and not wash dirty linen in public, ”says Ms. Buzaranidou.

“At the time, SYRIZA was on the rise and relations with Venezuela were very good. It was a pre-election period, so if such a scandal broke out, it would probably damage the image of SYRIZA in the country, ”adds Buzaranidu.

Xenia Buzaranidou, Chef at the Embassy of Venice 2012-2015

The ambassador was replaced, and Ksenia Buzaranida was fired. Moreover, she was fired so that she then hardly found a job, as her former employers discredited her in front of potential employers.

Of the five women sexually assaulted and harassed by the Venezuelan ambassador, Xenia Buzaranidou and another former embassy employee have filed a lawsuit. Ms. Buzaranidou won the illegal dismissal case. However, until now, the court’s decision has not been implemented.

“The court decision unambiguously justifies me. It says that I was fired because of the sexual harassment and abuse I was subjected to. The decision refers to the infliction of moral harm, my dismissal is considered illegal and offensive, ”said Ms Buzaranidou.

Venisuela Ambassador Franklin Gonzalez. Who, according to Xenia Buzaranidu, sexually harassed her.

Detailed message from the Ministry of Justice
“The decision to grant the requested and granted permission for the search and seizure of material evidence, in accordance with Article 923 of the Code of Civil Procedure for enforcement in relation to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Embassy in Athens, was taken by the Ministry of Justice after the relevant decision of the Unified Court of Athens and the Athens Court of First Instance at the relevant request of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The requested permission is granted on the condition that its execution will not be carried out to the detriment of the persons referred to in Article 22 paragraph 3 of the Vienna Convention of 1961 (SW 503/70), as well as property (immovable or movable)) that serves the exercise of the sovereign power of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela “.

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