UAE: organizer of a scandalous photo session on the balcony of a capital hotel – who is he

Vitaliy Grechin is the name of the organizer of the trip to the United Arab Emirates and the nude filming of Ukrainian girls detained with him by the Dubai police. Details about, as it turned out, the Kievite were collected by the edition.

According to the publication, the culprit sex scandal with naked Ukrainian women in Muslim Dubai turned out to be a native of Kiev Vitaly Grechin, who lived in the United States for many years. In the Ukrainian beau monde he is well known for his addiction to beautiful girls – they surround him always and everywhere.

Vitaly was born in the Ukrainian capital in 1980 and at the age of 10 he moved with his parents to the United States. Has 2 higher educations, worked for Ford, served in the American army. Then he returned to his homeland, for some time he worked at the American embassy in Kiev. However, his activities were diverse, including Grechin tried himself as a producer of erotic content.

In one of his interviews, Vitaly notes the significant moments of his activity: the opening of the personal gallery of the Australian artist Peter Lick, work in the investment company LightHouse, cooperation with the US Embassy in the project to create a diplomatic city for Americans in Ukraine (the project remained on paper 11 years later ). He is proud to announce his acquaintance with George Clooney and with Barack Obama, and even about his funding for the latter’s election campaign. But more to the point.

In 2011, a video appeared on the YouTube channel with the meaningful title “GRECHIN PATI IN TRAKHOBRATE” and provocative content. The footage shows Grechin’s birthday celebration surrounded by girls. At first, they pose only in their underwear, then without it. What is happening on the screen smoothly turns into an orgy. But this video was only the first in a series of similar ones and the first bell announcing a change in his type of activity or hobby – whatever you like.

What is Grechin’s field of activity at the moment is not known for certain. Real estate, lending, organizing parties for powerful Ukrainians – there are many versions confirmed by photographic materials. But wherever he appears, he is surrounded by girls of model appearance – Grechin’s personal harem, as they are called. Well, what can you do, a person has such a weakness. At the same time, the man not only does not hide it, but also emphasizes it in every possible way. Confirmation – numerous frivolous photos in social networks, where, surrounded by naked or half-dressed beauties, Grechin poses on a yacht and on the beach, fishing and in hotels, at home and abroad. The source of the publication says:

Grechin has an apartment in the center of Kiev, and more than 10 girls constantly live with him. He has his own personal harem. In fact, this is a pool of kept women. He is “married” to everyone at once. No one really knows what Grechin does specifically. It is known that he had his own business in the United States. He is said to be in real estate. Publicly Grechin leads a luxury life. He gathers parties from simple rural girls, not models, who are ready to do anything for a trip abroad. He regularly “walks” his “herd” of girls, and does not hide it. Only the last trip to Dubai with a nude photo shoot ended badly for him and his girlfriends.

Judging by the information on Facebook, Grechin is fruitfully collaborating with art photographer Sergei Lenin, who posted an announcement on his page about casting models for a scandalous shooting. So far, there has been no confirmation that it was he who filmed the girls in Dubai. However, later Lenin contacted and confirmed that Grechin was indeed the organizer of the nude photography in the UAE. He says:

I immediately recognized the style of Vitaly Grechin’s photo shoot when I saw this news on TV. But I still don’t know how to recognize models by blurry butts. I have nothing to do with this story. The level of these photos is amateur, someone was given a DSLR in their hands (possibly one of the participants). In the frame, not models, but girls from provinces / villages, who are happy to go abroad.

Sergei Lenin clarified that he does not know Grechin’s current whereabouts, and also for the first time hears about Alexander Ten, a photographer from Russia, who was mentioned by the media as the author of the sensational photo.

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