Family of 60-year-old man with stroke after vaccination sues AstraZeneca

A lawsuit against AstraZeneca was filed by the family of a 60-year-old man from the Greek island of Syros, who suffered a stroke two hours after vaccination and is currently paralyzed, is in a rehabilitation center. “The left side of my 60-year-old client’s body was paralyzed. The European Medical Association (EMA) said yesterday that the AstraZeneca vaccine could cause certain health problems. But at the same time he claims that they are extremely rare. There are many signs that this AstraZeneca vaccine has caused very serious harm to the health of my client, – the lawyer of the paralyzed family, Adonis Sakarudis, told the Mega TV channel, referring to the doctors’ conclusion.

The family will file a lawsuit not only against AstraZeneca, but also against those responsible for taking the vaccine. According to the lawyer’s statement, she will demand that Mr. Vlahogiannopoulos (Βλαχογιαννόπουλοс), who was a member of the pharmacological committee (although he recently completely unexpectedly resigned) and was responsible for deciding on this vaccine, undergo an oath questioning. “We need to see what happens to the recording of such incidents. We are told that there are no problems with the AstraZeneca vaccine in Greece. But only in my office I received a lot of calls from Greece from people who had problems after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca, ”added the lawyer. The brother of a 60-year-old patient, in an interview with the same media, said that he was in a rehabilitation center, paralyzed. According to him, he has difficult contact with others, and “his state of health is very serious.” According to him, the man suffered an ischemic stroke from thrombosis two hours after vaccination, and doctors have not yet decided whether it is related to the vaccination. “Before that, he was in very good condition. He had no problems,” said the victim’s brother.

Age restrictions for AstraZeneca are still under discussion.

Primary Health Care Secretary General Marios Themistokleous told ERT that the National Vaccine Committee will give its opinion on the AstraZeneca vaccine within a day or no later than Friday. As he explained, we do not expect major changes in the vaccination program, and in no European country (?) There are no questions about the termination of vaccination with this drug. “Restrictions on use for the elderly are being discussed,” he said.
(But what about Germany, Austria and other countries that refused to vaccinate with AstraZeneca? No, in Greece we have not heard about this … – Editor’s note of “RA”.) In light of this, a legitimate question arises: is not there interest (and possibly personal) of the persons making this decision? Or did they give the officials a complete indulgence from above and at the same time strictly ordered (threatened?) To carry out this vaccination, since they are not afraid of anything? But the government can change, and SYRIZA, persistently breathing in the back of the head of the New Democracy, and possibly other political forces, will undoubtedly inflate this story “at the very least.” However, with the power given by the world’s powerful pharmaceutical companies, everything can be canceled. And all politicians love money, especially big money. …

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