Coronavirus has crippled Greek wine exports

Greek wine exports in 2020 were significantly impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic, according to an analysis of ΕΛΣΤΑΤ data produced by the Central Cooperative Union of Wine Products (ΚΕΟΣΟΕ).

The decline in the cost of wine decreased by 11.13%, last year it was 70 669 750 euros, compared with 79 517 240 euros in 2019. A decrease in the quantity was recorded by 8.01%: in 2020, 21,337 tons were exported compared to 23,194 tons in 2019.

Fall of wine exports to EU countries by 8%
As for the export of Greek wines to the EU countries, in 2020 a decrease of 8.01% was recorded (23,194 tons / 2019 – 21,337 tons / 2020). At the same time, in the last 5 years there has been a decrease of 14.26% (on average per year)

Accordingly, in value terms, the export of Greek wines to the EU countries decreased by 9.76% (53,813,571 euros / 2019 – 48,563,737 euros / 2020), as well as by 8.55% compared to the average for the previous five years.

According to the same data, the change in the average selling price of Greek wines in the EU countries was -1.90% (2.32 euros per kilogram / 2019 – 2.28 euros per kilogram / 2020).

Export of Greek wines to third countries
Greek wine exports to third countries (non-EU) have also been hit by the coronavirus pandemic. A decrease of 8.01% was recorded (5157 tons / 2019 – 4744 tons / 2020), while the decrease compared to the average for the previous five years reached 3.99%.

At the same time, exports to third countries decreased by 14% (25,703,699 euros / 2019 – 22,106,013 euros / 2020).

As for the dynamics of the average price per kilogram of exported wine, there was a slight downward trend. Specifically for 2020, the decline was 6.51% (4.98 euros per kilogram / 2019 – 4.66 euros per kilogram / 2020).

In addition, there was a slight increase in the average unit price compared to the previous five years, which is 1.04% (five-year average price of 4.61 euros per kilogram).

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