The Atlantic Council offered the Biden administration to switch to real military support for Ukraine – to anger Moscow

According to the Atlantic Council, the transfer of 100 F-15 fighters to Kiev can not only modernize the Ukrainian Air Force, but also really “hurt Moscow,” according to an article published on the analytical center’s website.

Published by Stefan Blank, Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. The package of assistance recommended by him, which the Biden administration could offer to Ukraine: 6-8 E-2C-2000 reconnaissance aircraft, 100 F-15 heavy fighter-bombers of the latest modifications, 8-12 KC-135R tankers. The expert believes:

The need to modernize the Ukrainian air force gives the Biden administration the opportunity to inflict real pain on Moscow, both in a real strategic sense and in terms of a prolonged propaganda war.

Blank also draws attention to the fact that until today, military assistance to Ukraine from the United States, starting in 2014, can be called purely symbolic, “not having a truly strategic impact.” Undoubtedly, both runway repair kits and high-quality crew helmets are necessary and useful, but do not play an important role in solving global problems. Stefan Blank suggests:

A US-funded relief or lend-lease package of 100 or more F-15s, six to eight E-2C-2000 Hawkeyes, and eight to 12 KC-135R tankers, as well as Link-16 data terminals, smart ammunition, cruise missiles and suitable reconnaissance and targeting equipment would send a clear message to Moscow and help prevent any future invasion plans.

At the same time, Blank ponders how such a plan can be implemented. For example, a good option would be to deactivate the F-15 C / D, E-2C-2000 and KC-135R aircraft with their further shipment to Ukraine and modernization to the F-15 (by analogy with Japan). The alternative is the supply of new F-15QA or F-15EX fighters, smart ammunition, and JASSM cruise missiles. The expert is sure:

Strengthening Ukraine’s air force will be a powerful way for the Biden administration to make it clear that the US will no longer tolerate Russia’s actions in Eastern Europe and that Russia must bear serious and tangible long-term strategic costs for its malicious behavior.

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