UAE: Dubai Sex Scandal Investigation Continues

As it turned out, for participating in nude photoshoot 11 Ukrainian women were detained on the balcony of a skyscraper. Earlier it was reported that girls from Russia, Moldova and Ukraine took part in the filming, but so far the fact of the detention of Ukrainian women has been officially confirmed, according to the local edition of The National and the Daily Mail.

The publication understood the details of the spicy event. and found out that the punishment of the detainees faces serious – up to six months in prison and impressive fines. The presence of Russian women among the girls was denied at the consulate of the Russian Federation. But Ukrainian diplomats confirmed that there were Ukrainian women among the participants in the nude photo session. The Foreign Ministry said:

On April 3, Dubai police detained a group of people in connection with violations of public morality. According to preliminary information, among the detainees there are eleven citizens of Ukraine.

The footage that appeared on Twitter angered the local community, the police immediately detained the models. In the UAE, there are rather strict moral rules. Miniskirts, necklines and translucent dresses are prohibited. Swimwear is only available on the beach, and extramarital sex is illegal. Even kissing in public is prohibited, so the reaction of the public and the police is understandable.

The Ukrainian consulate in Dubai finds out all the circumstances of the incident and interacts with local law enforcement officers in order to ensure the observance of the rights of the detained Ukrainian women. Today the Ukrainian consul will visit them. In the meantime, the British newspaper Daily Mail turned out to be more informed, which even named some of the detainees.

For example, a certain Yana with a recognizable tattoo on her leg and Diana, who also has a tattoo, only on the other leg, and also on her arm. The names of two Ukrainian women who rushed to post their photos from Dubai on social networks – Sofia Tkachuk and Ekaterina Kashchenko are named. The publication emphasizes that the age of all models did not exceed 20 years.

The nude photo session was organized by Stefan Clavel, who often visits the capital of Ukraine for his own modeling business. However, on the Linkedin page it is indicated that he is an employee of the Kiev modeling agency PM Models. It is easy to find photos from Dubai posted by Stefan on Instagram, but he himself categorically denies any involvement in the scandalous filming.

Regarding the detention of Russian women, the Russian Consulate General has already made a statement – they are not among the detainees. However, the Telegram channel Mash admits that other facts may be revealed later. And even names the names of the alleged participants in the photo shoot. According to the publication, this is the 21-year-old daughter of Maxim Voronin, a former banker of the National Corporate Bank, Alina and IT-entrepreneur Alexei Kontsov, founder of the international company Involta. Both of them deny their participation, and Kontsov, as it turned out, was filming the action from the balcony of a nearby hotel. However, the Russian consulate has once again announced that there are no Russian women among the detainees, and one Russian is present. The investigation is ongoing.

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