The Kiev court tried to ban the “Party of Sharia”

The Ukrainian authorities are trying to ban the “Party of Sharia”. Judgment is a farce, according to opposition, is the reprisal of the regime of Vladimir Zelensky against a competitor, in violation of current legislation.

The first court session on the banning of the Sharia Party took place in Kiev. Several hundred supporters of the party arrived at the building of the District Administrative Court of Kiev (Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya St., 81a), but the National Guard officers did not let them into the arch leading to the courthouse. The meeting was postponed due to the challenge of the judge. It is not known when the next will take place, lawyer Valentin Rybin said at the rally.

Supporters of the political force took the road near the courthouse, but the meeting was postponed, since there will be another judge in the case.

– The judge has two days to consider the claimed challenge. While there will be consideration of challenge, auto-assignment, appointment of a judge. I think it will be no earlier than Friday, – he said.

Before the meeting, the party asked supporters to fill out applications for participation in the trial on the defendant’s side, as a third party. The statement says about the violation of political rights and freedom of opinion if the party is banned.

“As the representative of the court said, more than 800 applications have been filed today … The court must see that the ban on the party is not an ordinary matter, and there are people behind the party,” said the party’s defender.

One of the arguments of the lawyers was that Anatoly Shariy, to whom the SBU announced suspicion of treason, has no legal relation to the party. He is supposedly its “leader”, not the head.

– Anatoly Shariy officially has no relation to our party according to any documents and anywhere in the legal plane. It is impossible to close the party for the statements of a person who has no legal relation to it, – says the website of the Party of Sharia.

Not satisfied with the court, the authorities resorted to the services of NABU. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, on the eve of the trial, conducted a search in the District Administrative Court of Kiev. This was announced by the head of OASK Pavel Vovk on his Facebook page.

“I understand, it’s hard to believe, but… OASK is searched again and again by NABU. Two failed criminal cases – one was not even brought to court, the second threatened to be taken to court, but so far they have not bothered to. Plus a lot of provocations, thousands of news on loyal resources, threats, empty accusations. All this turned out to be not enough to achieve our goal and seize the court, ”Vovk said.

The judge expects “another fantastic story”, referring to the accusations that will follow from NABU.

“If last time there was a ‘seizure of power’, then this time there should be something even more amazing. They say that according to the law of the clownery genre, each new joke should be funnier than the previous one – otherwise the audience gets tired and stops clapping, ”Vovk summed up.

NABU also commented on searches in your Telegram channel.

“NABU and SAP unmasked two lawyers, who promised for 100 thousand US dollars and through the head of the OASK to resolve the issue with one of the judges of the OASK on a positive decision in the case on the company’s claim. NABU detectives carry out searches in the courtroom and at the place of residence of lawyers. One of them is a close relative of the UASK chairman. Now this is all the information that we can divulge, given the secrecy of the investigation, ”wrote the representatives of NABU.

Judge Vovk called the NABU records a fake and is not going to quit

Anatoly Shariy, streamed during the trial.


Like us previously reported, The Security Service of Ukraine announced to blogger Anatoly Shariy about suspicion of committing high treason. According to investigators, his actions harmed the national security of Ukraine in the information sphere, and later, on this basis, the Ukrainian authorities began actions to ban Sharia’s party.

So, the department says that Shariy acted on the order of foreign structures. According to the Ukrainian state security, Shariy’s actions were aimed at destabilizing the situation in Ukraine, in particular, at inciting interethnic and interfaith conflicts.

“The propagandist was engaged in discrediting the state policy of Ukraine, deliberately and purposefully disseminated manipulative, distorted information about government initiatives and events in the East of the country,” the message says.

The ministry notes that Shariy’s statements and actions were actively used by the Russian media, in particular, the TV channels Russia 24, Russia 1, the TV channel of the Russian Ministry of Defense “Zvezda” and others.

At the same time, Shariy himself believes that suspicion of treason is “pure politics” and the reason is that he is too independent a political force that is gaining momentum and there are no (or rather, there were) no real levers of pressure on him.

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