Pavlakis: “I lost a relative who received both doses of the vaccine”

The post of the Greek scientist, member of the expert commission on coronavirus Georgios Pavlakis in his personal Facebook account caused a sensation. The scientist said that his relative, who received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine, became ill and died from Covid-19.

The reason for his post was the statement of Demosthenes Sarigiannis, professor of the Ecole Polytechnique, head of the Environmental Engineering Laboratory and head of the Exhibition and Health Center of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, that his 86-year-old father received two doses of vaccine and is now being treated for coronavirus at the Hatzikosta hospital in Ioannina. An 86-year-old man suffers from heart failure. At the moment, his state of health is satisfactory. “This is one of the cases that we just want to avoid, and therefore we are taking action against the coronavirus. If such a patient dies and is asked what, in my opinion, he died from, from the coronavirus or from heart failure, I will clearly say that he died from the coronavirus.

“Because when the virus arrives it creates big problems for those suffering from another serious illness. Even if you get both doses of the vaccine, you can still get the coronavirus, but 99% of the time the symptoms will not be very serious, ”says Mr Sarigiannis in an interview with

Mr Pavlakis, after reading about the case of Mr Sarijannis’ father, replied that his relative, who had been vaccinated, fell ill and died from the coronavirus. He explains that yes, vaccinations help, but it is not a panacea. Specifically, in his post, he mentions:

Μολις χασαμε και μεις διασωληνωμενο συγγενη στην Αθηνα που ειχε κανει και τις δυο δοσεις εμβολιου. Ο κορωνοιος ερχεται …

Posted by George Pavlakis on Monday, April 5, 2021

“There is no absolute guarantee that vaccination is a panacea.” The scientist explains: “We just lost a relative of mine in Athens, who had previously given both doses of the vaccine. The coronavirus is getting closer and closer to every family. Piraeus is full of mutated strains, and there is no absolute guarantee that vaccination is a panacea. Workers in Attica will be severely affected by the fact that all jobs will be open without strict protection measures. “

“Meanwhile, the panic that staying at home is a ‘problem’ and if we go out and open all of them, restaurants, schools, churches, we will end the epidemic, does not mean that we need to stop. desires into life.

The time has come to start a meaningful and ongoing deep communication campaign for the whole society. No amount of action alone will save us from a pandemic. At this stage, we need everything:

Self-defense with the correct wearing of good masks. Distancing and avoiding large numbers of people. Vaccination. Frequent tests for anyone in public.

The only magic cure right now is what Portugal has done. They cut off a huge third wave, which they had in a month. They have 12 times fewer infections and there are no deaths to date!

“Why don’t we do the same?” The scientist summed up.

Recall on Tuesday 6 April, in Greece, 4,309 new infections have been announced. At the same time, 751 people were intubated in intensive care units, and 79 people died from coronavirus.

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