Theocharis: Tourism opens May 14th. Dot

“We will open on May 14th and we will open safely despite the dangers of a pandemic,” Greek Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis said in a speech in parliament today.

Answering a burning question from the main opposition party SYRIZA, the Minister of Tourism said: “We will open on May 14 and we will open safely, despite the danger.”

“SYRIZA should stop filing appeals, as it has done all this time with marches and rallies that add to the uncertainty about the health situation,” added Mr Theocharis, according to a statement from the Ministry of Tourism. According to him, “so that this year we can safely receive tourists from abroad, we are implementing a plan that includes five lines of defense.”

And he offered a list of them:

Conditions and related certifications prior to travelers arriving in Greece – either vaccinated or negative. Activation of the very successful EVA spot checks system, for which we have received international recognition, in order to identify positive cases at the border. Quarantine hotels so that we can isolate any cases. Vaccination of workers, which will begin as soon as the vaccination of our fellow citizens, vulnerable to health, is completed. Strict adherence to health protocols.

Regarding the islands “free of COVID”, the Minister of Tourism noted that “the whole country is safe”, adding that “there should be no internal competition between destinations.” “I call for an end to these counterproductive insinuations. Obviously, there are only technical reasons for earlier vaccinations on some islands. There are no substantive questions.” – he also said.

“The plan is comprehensive for the opening of tourism. It is an extremely detailed, balanced plan that allows you to travel safely throughout the country. A discussion about an island whose residents are vaccinated for a bribe is not a discussion of tourism, ”he stressed.

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