€ 200 Voucher: The Application Platform Couldn’t Withstand the Inflow

Page on the state site digital-access.gov.gr, where you can apply for a 200 Euro voucher for pupils and students to buy a laptop or tablet, out of order due to overload.

The platform was opened this morning for the submission of applications by the beneficiaries, but this is currently not possible. The page opens with a huge slowdown, and the application form itself does not work at all.

It is noted that the platform for applications of technological equipment suppliers wishing to participate in the program has been operating for some time. The program is being implemented through a special platform “Information Society of the MAE”, but the acceptance of applications began only on April 5.

Applications in two stages

It is noted that applications will be submitted in two stages, with the first families to receive the OPEC child allowance in the first income category in 2020. Most recipients fall into this category.

In the second phase, other beneficiaries who meet the income and social security criteria of the program.


The beneficiaries are low-income families with an income of up to 6,000 euros, that is, all families receiving the OPECA child allowance.

For example:

Family with 2 parents and 1 child with an annual income of 10,500 euros. Family with 2 parents and 2 children with an annual income of 12,000 euros. One parent with 1 child and an annual income of € 9,000. One parent with 2 children and an annual income of € 10,500.

Through a special platform, by entering Taxisnet codes, citizens will be informed whether they are eligible for a voucher and how many children. It is noted that a check for 200 euros can only be purchased in electronics stores. If someone wants to buy a computer that is more expensive, then he must pay the missing amount himself.

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