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Consumer Rights Online Shopping

During the pandemic, e-commerce has become a lifesaver, keeping many businesses afloat while meeting the basic needs of citizens.

According to experts, in recent years, electronic shopping has flourished: shopping abroad is “as easy as shelling pears”. The order can be made without leaving the couch, which takes a few minutes.

The pandemic has made online shopping the norm, prompting, on the one hand, even the smallest companies to create their own online stores, and on the other hand, encouraging consumers to shop online.

However, online commerce, like classic commerce, has rules and frameworks to protect consumers. The EU has its own statute that protects 5 rights to shop online (the code is valid in all EU countries).

5 consumer rights when shopping online:

Online shopping from any EU country. Check and confirm additional costs. Return the item within 14 days. Cancel a delayed order. 2 year warranty. …

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