Benefit 534 euros: when will the payment for March start

The Special Purpose Benefit for workers whose contracts were suspended in March will take place on either Friday 9 April or Monday 12 April.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is expected to provide additional information on this matter. The expanded KAD list in terms of affected companies will be valid in April with the same criteria. It also includes companies that remain closed by order of a government agency, without criteria for including their employees in the suspension of employment contracts.

New beneficiaries of the allowance 534 euros

Special compensation was extended to workers in the special category of victims of the pandemic. The following categories of employees are now recipients of the EUR 534 benefit:

Movers. Active members of labor cooperatives, in accordance with law 4430/2016, which are registered in the General Register of Social and Solidarity Economy Bodies of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Licensed soccer and basketball coaches and active members of amateur sports clubs. Foresters who did not receive a special seasonal allowance for 2020, as provided for by law. Lottery workers, members of insurance cooperatives who meet insurance capacity requirements. Horsemen at the races. Employees who work for more than one individual employer (joint employment) who have not established a legal entity are not a company and have insurance days in e-EFKA between 1.1.2020 and 31.12.2020. External trade sellers (with the exception of licensed sellers of open markets for stationary and street trading), whose activities are suspended by order of a state body, upon presentation of a certificate of conducting external trade valid for 2020. Sellers of the “SCHEDIA” magazine. Working in the region of Mount Athos on behalf of the Holy Community, Holy Monasteries and their subdivisions.

It should be noted that in order to receive appropriate compensation, the above employees must meet three specific criteria:

They do not have an employment contract between January and February 2021. They did not receive or will not receive regular unemployment benefits from the OAED during the same period. They do not receive special compensation for any other reason. …

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