February 8, 2023

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Supermarkets are again allowed to sell manufactured goods

From Monday April 5, when retail reopens, prohibitive tapes will disappear from supermarket shelves, allowing consumers to buy previously unavailable items.

Trade Secretary General Panagiotis Stampoulidis, speaking of goods such as electrical appliances and clothing, which were prohibited from selling while the retail trade was closed, stressed that trade in them is resuming.

Panayiotis Stampoulidis also clarified that a rapid test or self-test is not mandatory to open a retail outlet, while regarding the decision not to restart retail in all areas, he said epidemiologists had strongly insisted on it.

As a reminder, from April 5 manufactured goods stores in Thessaloniki, Achaia and Kozani will remain closeds, because there is an unfavorable situation for the coronavirus. Mr. Stampoulidis also explained that travel between municipalities will be allowed in these regions. We would like to remind that SMS sending will change with the opening of retail.

Shopping: rules for visiting stores without fear of running into a fine

Citizens must first make an appointment to make a visit to the store and get confirmation from the store. In this case, the message indicates the date and time of the visit. Shopping is given for 3 hours. Otherwise, you may be fined.

SMS is sent to number 13032 with the code 6. Shopping and sending a message for this only once a day. In this case, of course, you can, if you have time, visit several shops in the allotted time and return home.

As explained by Mr. Stampoulidis, the restriction of 2 km from the house does not apply to retail stores, inter-municipal movement is allowed.

Going to the supermarket for groceries

The expert added that purchases in supermarkets and grocery stores will be made by sending sms 2 to 13033, while, as emphasized, the restriction of 2 km from the consumer’s place of residence continues to apply.

Answering the relevant question, he gave an example: “Let’s just say we will not be allowed to ‘go’ from the Agia Paraskevi area to a supermarket in Glyfada or Varvakio Agora.”

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