Our children on the Internet – is it dangerous to post their photos on social networks

It’s not about provocative pictures, but about ordinary photos that you are in a hurry to share with your friends and acquaintances. The publication Strana.ua offers to get acquainted with the recommendations of experts.

Social media without photos is nonsense. The desire of parents to share the latest images of their offspring is quite understandable – to boast of how you grew up, what you achieved, how fun your whole family celebrated another holiday or went on vacation. Is it dangerous? Most users will answer no and be wrong, according to communications experts.

Lots of social media accounts for millions of users who can easily get to know your child’s image. Unfortunately, not all of them will be happy for him and for you, others will simply receive the information they need and will be able to use it to commit illegal actions. Experts say how to protect your children and place photos correctly.

First of all, you need to make sure that the photo does not contain any data: name, place of residence, school or kindergarten number, the name of your favorite park, or information about your child’s hobbies. That is, all the information that will help the attacker to look for him near the specified place. And do not think, as some believe, that if the family is poor or non-public, then no one needs a child …

There are plenty of ill-wishers and people with an unstable psyche on the network. After the appearance of an attractive photograph, they can purposefully search for any information about the child on the Internet, especially if they already have any data – this will greatly facilitate their search. And then the development of events depends on the intentions of the attacker.

Is it really that bad and is it so dangerous to share a photo of your baby on social media? Experts recommend just sticking to some simple safety rules:

It is strictly forbidden to publish pictures of children without clothes or in swimsuits, even while hiding their faces. For criminals, the image can generate heightened interest, prompting an active search for the web and reality. Regular photographs do not have to be displayed for everyone to see. By restricting access only to friends, you can protect your child and avoid possible troubles. The best option is to send pictures to a specific person whom you know well and who is not capable of causing harm. School and kindergarten photos often contain information – name / surname, number or name of the institution. Be sure to discuss with the administration the possibility not to indicate such data or not to publish photos on the Internet.

At a certain age, children themselves begin to upload their photos to the Internet, wanting to share the best moments of their lives with friends and girlfriends. Experts recommend vigilant control over the behavior of children on social networks, their correspondence and photo content, the groups where they are members, and, which is very important, over the morale. A teenager’s apathy or aggression is a signal that something is bothering him, and it’s time to talk, or even help.

And in conclusion, about the photo of the smallest, newborn family members. To publish them or not – each parent decides for himself. The belief that he can be jinxed by photography is ineradicable. The church does not give any advice on this matter, so at what age you can introduce your heir to friends on social networks is a personal matter for parents.

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