Germany: softening measures for vaccinated citizens

“Anyone who has been fully vaccinated can be considered to have a negative coronavirus test,” the German authorities say and are considering lifting restrictions on those who have been vaccinated.

Jens Spahn, Germany’s Minister of Health, is confident that those who received 2 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine can count on easing restrictions. They will be allowed to shop without tests and travel without quarantine. The head of the Ministry of Health said this in an interview with Bild am Sonntag.

He said that the Robert Koch Institute received new data on the effectiveness of vaccination. Scientists believe that 15 days after it, a person becomes significantly less infectious than someone who has no symptoms and can demonstrate a negative antigen test. The results of the new study have been reviewed by the state and federal authorities, and the issues of restoring the individual freedoms of vaccinated citizens are now being discussed. According to Spahn,

“Anyone who has been vaccinated should be able to visit stores or hairdressers without further testing and should not be quarantined from that point on.”

Yesterday, the head of the Ministry of Health announced that no less than 12% of the population has been vaccinated with the first dose, and 4.3 million citizens have received full immunization. Last Friday alone, 213,000 vaccinations were made nationwide. Among them, the head of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wheeler, and the official representative of the government, Stephen Seibert, were vaccinated with AstraZeneca. The latter wrote on Twitter: “Easter happiness for a 60-year-old” and posted a photo of the vaccination certificate.

According to published data, the German population has received 10.7 million doses of BioNTech / Pfizer, 0.7 million doses of Moderna and 2.9 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to date.

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