Egypt: Spectacular Housewarming of the Pharaohs in Cairo

The parade of the pharaohs took place in the Egyptian capital on the occasion of the mummies’ move to a new “place of residence.” The colorful cultural event was preceded by a long preparation, and the audience, including from many countries of the world, were not disappointed.

The spectacular event consisted of the transfer of 22 royal mummies and 17 sarcophagi from the National Archaeological Museum in Tahrir Square to a new 135,000 square meters, built with the assistance of UNESCO and located near the Greek monastery of St. George in old Cairo, in the Fustat area … The procession stretched for 7 kilometers along the Nile embankment, horse-drawn chariots left at 8 pm and arrived at their destination half an hour later.

Moved 22 royal Egyptian mummies and 17 sarcophagi of 17-20 dynasties belonging to the New Kingdom. Among the most valuable exhibits are the mummies of 18 pharaohs (Ramses II, Thutmose III and others) and 4 queens. Spectators dubbed the magnificent spectacle “The Golden Parade of the Pharaohs” – black chariots were painted with golden motifs, and the action took place against the backdrop of thoughtful lighting.

Each mummy was housed in a nitrogen-filled capsule. Such conditions of transportation ensured their maximum protection, and special vehicles ensured stability and absence of vibration.

The event, taking place under the conditions of unprecedented security measures, was attended by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and numerous foreign guests. Already from April 18, unique exhibits will be available to visitors to the new museum.

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