USA: Poor Poor Trump …

For 13 years, the former president of the United States’ bodyguard waited for the money Trump borrowed from him to return. But he didn’t wait. The billionaire, apparently, has financial problems or blackouts, brings to the attention of the public Daily Star.

How not to help a hungry person? Moreover, if he is a billionaire and the lack of money at that time is just an annoying accident. Something like this reasoned the guard of the future at that time, the leader of a huge power. The ex-bodyguard of a politician and businessman said that back in 2008, Trump decided to have a bite to eat in his favorite fast food chain and borrowed money for this from his security guard. After eating, he completely forgot about such a trifle, although the “snack” cost $ 130.

The incident occurred en route to Scotland when Trump’s car pulled up in a parking lot near a roadside cafe. Having sent a security guard for food, the businessman “forgot” to give him money and did not think about it for 13 long years. The story of the former bodyguard, not too pleasant for Trump, was published by the local media when the latter lost all hope of repaying the debt.

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