Stores will not open in Thessaloniki, Achaea and Kozani

As decided last night, Thessaloniki, Achaia and Kozani were finally exempted from the central directive to restart retail from Monday across the country.

The decisions for these regions were taken by the government at the suggestion of an expert committee and based on epidemiological data over the past few days, which showed an alarming increase in cases, while the situation in Attica is stabilizing.

In particular in the above areas:

The number of active cases in the municipality of Thessaloniki has recently increased by 45.69%, and this trend is increasing. Growth is also observed in other municipalities of the regional division.

Over the past ten days, the number of infections increased by 38.73% in the municipality of Delta, by 67.78% in the municipality of Thermaikos, by 64.36% in the municipality of Lagada, by 43.95% in the municipality of Cordelio Evosmos and by 335% in the municipality Chalcedonia.

In the peripheral region of Achaia, 1,062 cases of COVID19 have been reported. Moreover, in 81.26% of people, infection occurred from an unknown source. At the same time, the chain of contact tracing process identified 2,124 cases of “close contact”, probably with asymptomatic carriers.

In addition, since the day the regional office of Achaia was listed in the “extreme risk zone”, to this day, the number of active cases has increased by 46.89% instead of decreasing. Despite the fact that on January 11, there were 113 active cases in Achaia, and today there are 1062. Recently, the number of infected in the municipality of Kozani has increased by 57.56%.

In the municipality of Eordea, the number of cases increased by 98.13% and by 92.1% in the municipality of Servias. While the day before yesterday, a random check of EODY in Siatista, Kozani, revealed an unrealistic index of positiveness of infected (δείκτης θετικότητας) COVID19 – 13.2%.

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