France: on those who are hardest during a pandemic

Burnout isn’t just a phrase. This is the diagnosis doctors are admitted to psychiatric clinics, euronews says.

In the fall of 2018, the new Le Gouz psychiatric clinic opened its doors in the picturesque Burgundy town of Luan. It was originally intended for healthcare professionals. In the era of a pandemic, the overwhelming majority of her patients are hospitalized with a diagnosis of burnout. One of them is a former nurse from the Virginie nursing home. The woman took care of her wards and herself suffered the coronavirus, but one day she felt that she simply could not get out of bed and go about her usual activities. She says:

“The coronavirus epidemic has exacerbated a situation that was already catastrophic. Only one thing is required of us: to work tirelessly, to always be at the post at the right time. When I started, we were told: “Could you replace a colleague?” Today they say: “You have to go to work, this is an order!”

In the new clinic, they were initially treated for the diseases habitual for this direction – depression, suicidal tendencies, medicinal and other types of addictions. During the pandemic, the contingent has changed. Over the past year, says doctor Agnes Olsner, who works here, medical workers who arrive here have complained about the complete depletion of the body’s resources, both physical and mental:

“The worst cases are the trauma after the first wave. Most often, patients talk about an image that is imprinted in their minds forever: this is a gesture with which plastic body bags are closed, and a sound that lightning makes at the same time … And one more thing: after each wave, patients do not immediately begin to come to us: consciousness needs a certain time to realize that it can no longer cope. “

Most of the doctors and medical staff entering the Le Gouz clinic are not ready to admit they are sick, and the urgent assistance provided is necessary. They think they are just tired, and believe that if they just have a little rest, their condition will return to normal …

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