Coronavirus: Brazilian shock

Over the past week, Brazil has recorded a record number of coronavirus victims. Only yesterday, 3,769 people died. To have a place for their burial, old graves have to be emptied, according to AMPE.

The transfer of remains from old abandoned graves is a common process, municipal services reassure. However, it has now taken on an unprecedented scale as the country is faced with an unprecedented number of deaths in a short time.

Scary footage from Sao Paulo is shocking: under cover of night, old graves are emptied for the sake of those who died from the coronavirus the day before. And the deadly virus is not going to retreat. On Wednesday, the Brazilian Institute of Biomedicine of Bhutantan announced the discovery of a new strain, reminiscent of South Africa, that is resistant to current vaccines. Bolivia has already announced the closure of its borders with Brazil, as has Chile. José Miguel Bernoucci, secretary of the Chilean Medical Association, says:

“What is happening in Brazil is a global threat. Closing the border will help us not so much with the mutated strains that we have already identified in the country, but with the new mutated strains that continue to appear. “

Other countries are also expressing concern about the emergence of new strains in Brazil and the connivance of the country’s president. Zaich Bolsonaro is not a supporter of restrictive measures and the widespread use of masks. Nor does it support vaccination. Yesterday, the head of the country announced that he would make a decision on vaccination after all Brazilians receive one vaccination. But the wait will take a long time – today only 7% of the population received the first dose.

In terms of deaths from coronavirus, Brazil is in second place after the United States. Tragic figures have been steadily increasing since February. Each day this past week has been marked by approximately 3,100 deaths and 74,000 infections. Now cemeteries are open at night in order to have time to bury all victims of the coronavirus. On Tuesday, for example, 419 burials were carried out in Sao Paulo, which became an absolute anti-record for the entire period of the pandemic.

The forecasts of epidemiologists are disappointing – given the pace of vaccination and the virtual absence of restrictions, the situation with covid-19 in Brazil will only get worse. Maria van Kerkow, WHO epidemiologist, says:

“There is a really serious situation in Brazil right now, with a number of states in dire straits.”

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