Shopping trip limit: 2 km to supermarkets, 3 hours to manufactured goods stores

Secretary General for Trade and Consumer Protection Panagiotis Stampoulidis announced today that the retail trade will open from Monday 5 April.

With regard to the shopping process, it is noted that citizens must first make an appointment to make a visit to the store and receive a confirmation message from the outlet. In this case, the message indicates the date and time of the visit. Shopping is given for 3 hours. Otherwise, you may be fined.

SMS is sent to number 13032 with the code 6. Shopping can be done (and sent a message) only once a day. In this case, of course, you can, if you have time, visit several shops in the allotted time and return home.

As explained by Mr. Stampoulidis, the restriction of 2 km from the house does not apply to retail stores, inter-municipal movement is allowed.

Going to the supermarket for groceries

The expert added that purchases in supermarkets and grocery stores will be made by sending sms 2 to number 13033, while, as emphasized, the travel restriction 2 km from the consumer’s place of residence continues to apply.

Answering the relevant question, he gave an example: “Let’s just say we will not be allowed to ‘go’ from the Agia Paraskevi area to a supermarket in Glyfada or Varvakeyo Agora.”

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