July 19, 2024

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Greeks got hooked on virtual sex during self-isolation

Psychiatry professor Thanos Askitis said real sex has dropped by 45% due to the pandemic. And interest in virtual sex has increased by 65%.

Internet sex has largely become a “lifesaver” for many people locked in their homes during quarantine. The single suffered the most, although interest in sex in families also diminished a little. According to the expert, all this, among other things, is reflected in the decline in the birth rate.

In particular, the corresponding study showed that spending time online to get satisfaction increased by 65%, while real contacts decreased by 45%. These conclusions were drawn by the professor of psychiatry Thanos Askitis, who conducted a thorough analysis of the relevant study.

Mr Askitis, speaking on ERT, explained that people are “going headlong into virtual reality” and that “the pandemic has negatively impacted real-life human contacts and lowered fertility rates.”

“People are losing emotional connections,” added Mr. Askitis, “living self-centered, and this is not only a consequence of the pandemic.” “I am a practicing doctor and have seen a lot in my 36 years of work. And you know, for the first time I have prescribed so many sleeping pills and sedatives for people so that they can fall asleep or feel normal in the new conditions of life with coronavirus, ”concluded Mr. Askitis in his interview.

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