New high-speed mode of travel along Vouliagmenis Avenue

Reducing the speed limit from 80 to 70 kilometers per hour on Vouliagmenis Avenue, a section of the route from Alimu Avenue to Poseidonas Avenue, was approved at a meeting of the regional council.

It was deemed necessary to re-evaluate the speed limit regime compared to the one introduced 25 years ago on a specific site, which is detailed in the corresponding report – a study by the Urban Infrastructure Department. The benefits of speed limiting were presented in a presentation made by the authorized district councilor, Mr T. Katziyannis.

In particular, by reducing the speed limit by 10 km, the following is achieved:

Reduction of accidents with injuries by 10% and with fatal outcomes by 20%. Reducing the probability of an accident from 32% (at a speed of 80 km / h) to 4.5% (at a speed of 70 km / h). Environmental benefits such as reduced emissions and background noise. Increasing the throughput of a specific section of the road.

As noted by Mr. Katziyannis, the green wave (traffic light switching speed) is designed for a vehicle speed of 70 km / h.

The Governor of the region, Georgios Patoulis noted that “Attica – in accordance with modern scientific requirements and international practice – will continue to systematically monitor and study the speed limits on the roads, especially those that were established several years ago, in order to modernize and improve traffic conditions. in terms of security “.

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