Objectives and features of the OSMS

Every year, the legislature tightens the requirements for employers, requiring them to ensure maximum safety for staff. For this purpose, OSH management systems are being created. Among them is the Ecostar expert laboratory, which provides services to companies.

What tasks does the OSMS solve?

The labor protection management system means a set of measures and tools to maintain safety at the enterprise. It is part of management and is designed to protect the life and health of personnel. Usually an OSHMS includes a range of actions that determine the specifics of the organization’s work in the direction of labor protection.

OSHMS are designed to reduce the likelihood of injury to employees, as well as to maintain their health. The legislation of the Russian Federation and the experience of foreign experts are used as the basis for the design of the OSH management system.

selection of qualified personnel with documentation present; teaching people new production methods; regular instruction on labor protection and its promotion within the enterprise; maintaining the required sanitary and epidemiological conditions at the facility.

In addition, the OSHMS ensures the safe operation of production lines and technological processes.

Modern complexes are designed to improve the efficiency of the enterprise and minimize costs associated with industrial injuries or occupational diseases.

Specificity of OSMS implementation

For the system to work correctly and efficiently, you need to carefully read the OSHMS regulations and take into account information from international standards. Particular attention is paid to the following points:

a set of occupational safety measures, their purpose is prescribed in the production documentation; persons who are responsible for the development and implementation of the system must have the appropriate qualifications, confirmed by documents; control and audit mechanisms should be prepared in advance.

A key feature of an OSMS is the integration of all employees into its work and staff awareness. Occupational safety management is carried out by the head of the organization or by a specially formed headquarters of specialists. This solution is a single complex responsible for preserving the health and life of each employee.

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