England: sobriety bracelets put on criminals

Electronic bracelets recording blood alcohol content will soon be worn by all convicts if their crime was related to alcohol consumption, BB.lv reports, citing a statement from the British government.

True, such accessories are useless in the cell, but those who received a suspended sentence, with a suspended sentence, will be forced to adorn themselves with such a bracelet. According to the laws of the country, after leaving the prison, there is a 4-month ban on drinking alcohol.

In October, the control system was tested in Wales on over 100 criminals and showed excellent results. The wearers did not consume alcohol for 95% of the abstinence period. In anticipation of the introduction of such a measure, the authorities officially warn:

“Alcohol offenders may be ordered to wear a bracelet that will sample their sweat every 30 minutes and alert the probation officer if alcohol is discovered.”

Fines and increased punishment will threaten those who violate the ban on alcohol. At the same time, smart devices are able to distinguish between simple alcohol-containing liquids and alcohol, so that an error is excluded. The police are confident that anti-alcohol bracelets will help prevent further crimes.

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