Worsening weather: emergency warning from ministry of civil protection

The General Secretariat for the Protection of Greek Citizens announced the deteriorating weather and published an instruction explaining what to do in case of extreme weather events. The instruction was published with good reason. In particular, tomorrow, on Wednesday, according to the forecast of meteorologists, there will be worsening weather conditions in the eastern and southern parts of the country, with local showers and thunderstorms, as well as storm winds up to 9 points on the Beaufort scale. Civil Protection urges residents in areas expected to be affected by extreme weather events to take the following actions: Secure objects that, if blown away, could cause damage or injury. Make sure that the gutters in the houses are not blocked and that they are working properly. Avoid crossing streams on foot or by car during heavy rainfalls and for several hours after they end. Avoid field work and activities at sea and coastal areas in severe weather (risk of lightning strike). Take precautions during thunderstorms. Take shelter in a building or car, and do not leave the safe area until you are sure the thunderstorm is over. Hail can also be very dangerous for animals. Avoid standing under lonely large trees, under hanging signs, and in places where the wind may blow away objects (such as pots, glass, etc.) that may come off and fall to the ground (for example, under balconies). Follow the instructions of local competent authorities such as traffic police exactly. According to the EMY (Greek Meteorological Service), tomorrow the weather will deteriorate in the following areas: In the Cyclades, heavy rains and thunderstorms will occur from Wednesday morning (31-03-2021) until early Thursday morning (01-04-2021). In Crete, heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected from Wednesday noon (03/31/2021) to Thursday noon (04/01/2021), and there will be snow in the mountains. In the waters of the Aegean and Cretan Seas, gusty northerly winds with an intensity of 7-8 and in some places at sea 9 points on the Beaufort scale will blow. From Thursday morning (01-04-2021) the wind will gradually weaken. Cloudy weather is expected in Athens on Wednesday, with the rain starting at 11 am and continuing intermittently until 7 pm. The temperature in the morning is about 8 ° C, in the afternoon up to 11 ° C. Gusty wind up to 15 m / s, which will increase to 25 m / s in the evening. On Thursday in Athens, the weather will remain the same, it will rain from 1 to 4 pm. Periodically reminding of myself at a later time. But by Friday, sunny, albeit relatively cool, weather will be established. In the daytime up to 16 ° С, at night not higher than 13 ° С. For the weekend, meteorologists promise good weather, but not very stable … Spring ….

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