Scam nuns cashing in on someone else’s grief

The pseudo-nuns turned someone else’s grief into a business project, trying to foist icons, crosses and so on to citizens who are near hospitals and worried about their hospitalized loved ones.

Despite the arrests of similar women by the Greek police in the past, this fraudulent “business” appears to be generating a lot of money for its organizers, who continue to operate uncontrollably.

The reporters decided to do a little investigation and catch the false nuns.

The camera recorded the moment when the illegal actions were committed. 12 a.m. At the Levko Stavros clinic, 2 women dressed as nuns are selling crosses and icons of saints.

Having chosen the “victim”, the woman approaches the person in anticipation. “Take care of your husband (child, mother, uncle). Take this … (puts a trinket in his hand)” – she mumbles no worse than a gypsy and tries to completely grab attention, while controlling the situation.

The hidden camera continues filming as reporters follow the women dressed in black. Turning onto st. Vasilissis Sophias, the “nuns” are on their way to another hospital nearby. On the street corner, seeing the police, the swindlers immediately change their course. They continue on their way to the Evangelismos hospital, where they will also hand over crosses and icons to everyone.

“We are from the monastery …” – they repeat, literally persecuting the citizens. “They used to go to hospitals. And when they saw something “lying badly”, they grabbed it and carried it out under the cassock. Now, due to the quarantine and the guards on duty, getting inside the hospital has become more difficult. Of course they are not nuns. These are malefactors who, playing on human feelings, do business on this, ”say experts in the“ topic ”.

False nuns are usually young, and they quickly retire when they see the police. As it became known, in the past fraudsters carried out raids not only in Athens, but also in Volos, Patras, Ptolemais and other cities of Greece.

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