Travel paradoxes during a pandemic

Thousands of Germans opened the tourist season by going to the Balearic Islands. Only last Saturday 60 planes with German citizens landed in Palma de Mallorca, another 70 on Sunday, Euronews says.

Mandatory testing on arrival has created a long tail of queues at the Spanish airport, but this does not in any way reduce the holiday mood of vacationers who have escaped from quarantine supervision. As well as the fact that, upon returning from Spain, German citizens will again have to be tested, and at their own expense.

The paradox of the situation is that German tourists, due to restrictions on COVID-19, are not allowed to travel in Germany, but are allowed to go abroad. The Spaniards, in turn, are prohibited from visiting their islands, where the Germans have been granted access. A resident of Mallorca notes:

“It’s not very good when foreigners can come here, but our compatriots cannot. After all, a negative test is the same for a German, that for a Spaniard, which means that the rules and restrictions should be the same. “

Meanwhile, the spread of the coronavirus continues to rise in both countries. Germany is ahead of Spain in this regard, although the situation in Mallorca is getting worse. In recent days, authorities have tightened curfews again, and restaurants and bars have closed their interiors.

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