Time Transfer Cancellation Act – what is the reason for the delay

Tonight, the inhabitants of Greece will move the clock hands one hour ahead Whether this practice will be discontinued in the fall, and who is the “culprit” of the uncertainty – the Bloomberg agency figured out.

As always, in the early morning of the last Sunday in March, the hands of the clock leap forward to signal daylight savings time. More recently, we would have been sure that the arrows will have to be translated again in October or not at all. But not so long ago, the EU parliament voted to abolish the artificial seasonal time adjustment, which opened the way for negotiations with European countries to finalize the legislation.

Alas, now is not the time. Bloomberg notes that the main “culprit” of the delay in the process was the pandemic. And also Brexit. The agency states:

“The passage of an issue through the complex mechanisms of the European Union shows how easily solutions can get stuck in the cogs of the international bureaucracy if there is no single persistent progress.”

Bloomberg explains (so you don’t get lost in the bureaucratic maze, I’ll walk you through the process step by step):

After a vote in the European Parliament, the change had to be implemented with the consent of the CoE, a European body composed mainly of heads of state. However, the Council referred the matter to the EC, the EU’s executive body, while declaring that it would not be possible to push for change until the Commission carried out an impact assessment. The Commission insisted that the Council should discuss the common position first.

So what? As you can see, nothing, the result is zero. It seems that it is not difficult to get out of this impasse, but on the agenda of all European governments are much more complex issues: containing the spread of the brazen coronavirus, ensuring the survival of economies and health systems, and so on. So the problem of changing time does not seem so important against the background of existing global challenges. Let’s wait?

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