Study: how walking pace affects coronavirus mortality

In the course of the study, scientists at the University of Leicester found who is at higher risk of dying from COVID-19, according to The Daily Mail.

As it turned out, a slow pace of walking increases the risk of death from coronavirus by 4 times compared to those who prefer to walk quickly. The authors of the study from the University of Leicester carried out a large-scale work on the study of data from the British Biobank 412,000 citizens aged 40-69 years. The purpose of the analytical project was to determine the relationship between walking pace, body weight and the incidence of coronavirus.

Scientists have found that people who prefer leisurely walking died from the effects of COVID-19 more often 3.75 times. At the same time, the severe form of coronavirus in those of them whose weight did not exceed normal values ​​was observed 2.5 times more often than those who were overweight, but usually moving at a brisk pace. However, body mass indicators did not affect slow people – all lovers of leisurely movement had the same risks.

Experts believe that the main factor in this discrepancy is the state of the cardiovascular system. As a rule, brisk walking contributes to its healthy functioning, which has the most positive effect on the course of the disease. Nevertheless, the researchers admit that this is only an assumption, and the exact reason remains unclear.

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