Learning English on an individual program

English is the language spoken by more than half of the people around the world. It doesn’t matter where you go, Europe or America, you will need it everywhere. With the help of an international language, personal opportunities can be significantly expanded.

In every school, learning English is compulsory. Language learning will be important for several groups of people, including:

tourists who would like to visit abroad; workers who go to work in America or Europe; those who are planning to move to the United States or England; people who would like to play games prior to their official translation.

In addition to them, there are also those who simply would like to broaden their horizons for general development.

Not always in the classroom they can tell everything that is necessary for a comfortable life abroad or for interacting with foreigners. Difficulties can also arise in other cases. For example, if a person graduated from an educational institution a long time ago and forgot the basic information from the school course. In all these cases, there is a simple and affordable solution – recording on English courses Almaty at the LingvoMania language school. With the help of classes, you can learn all the basics within a few months.

Training can take several forms:

English from scratch, if you have not been fond of this topic at all before; intensive English for those who would like to learn the language as soon as possible; preparation for exams for applicants to foreign or domestic universities; English for work, in many professions this language has become an integral part of business meetings; general English for those who would like to expand their horizons; individually, with a universal training program; Skype lessons for those who would like to study online; in mini-groups at the LingvoMania office; for children, adolescents or adults; for companies.

LingvoMania language school courses will help you improve your skills. You can choose for yourself both group and individual training. The most effective option would be to study English alone with a teacher. Thanks to solitude, you can calmly concentrate on work. The program and the intensity of training in this case will be formed specifically for the student. It is convenient for those who would like to learn English not just for leisure, but for work or moving. To improve the level of knowledge, you can study for about three days for an hour and a half. This way you will learn English in a short time.


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