Tourism revenue in January – € 25 million

In the first month of the year, 96,000 travelers arrived in Greece, most of them from Germany – 19,000.

Tourism revenues in January 2021 were € 25 million, down 90.9% from € 281 million recorded in the corresponding month of 2020. In January, 87.9% fewer travelers arrived in Greece than in the corresponding month of 2020.

According to the Bank of Greece, there was a surplus of € 2 million in January 2021, up from € 98 million in 2020. There was also an 87.4% decrease in travel receipts (€ 23 million in January 2021, € 183 million in January 2020) as Greeks did not travel due to the pandemic.

The decline in revenue was due to a drop in inbound tourist traffic, as well as in average travel expenses – by 25.1%. The most active countries (in terms of travelers to Greece) are Germany and France, although they also showed a significant decline.

Revenues from German travelers were reportedly down 81.3% to € 5 million. From France – by 87.5%, with an income of 1 million euros.

For countries outside the EU-27, the arrivals of citizens from the UK decreased by 96.2%, income was 1 million euros. The number of visitors from the United States and Russia fell by 99.4% and 99.0%, respectively, i.e. dropped to almost zero.

The decline in inbound tourist traffic in general from the EU-27 countries was 83.4% and from non-EU-27 countries, 91.9%.

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