Thessaloniki: cod queue

In Thessaloniki on the day of March 25, the national holiday of the Hellenes, a terrible picture was observed: a line and pandemonium for a portion of cod.

As you know, on Independence Day, the traditional dish on the table of the Greeks is cod (μπακαλιάρος). It is served with garlic puree sauce (σκορδαλιά).

In the area of ​​Ladadika (Thessaloniki) there are some of the most famous restaurants specializing in the preparation of this fish. On the feast day, as every year, many Thessalonians, with patience, stood and waited for their turn to receive their portion.

The most “experienced” made sure to place an order in advance, as some restaurants were too busy due to the large number of customer orders, however, as the home delivery network was overloaded. That is, you would have to wait … “until the second coming.”

Thus, most of the residents, who decided not to fry the cod at home, but to buy a ready-made portion, came up with the idea of ​​walking to the restaurant themselves. As you can see in the GRTimes photos and videos, a lot of the townspeople came to one of the famous take-out catering establishments.

People had to wait a long time, crowding in a long line, inhaling the aromas of the traditional fried dish, garlic sauce and fries.

Unfortunately, the pandemonium could not be avoided, since those who were waiting for their portion did not keep the required distance, and did not care about the measures of protection against coronavirus.

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