The false cop robbed and raped his victims

An attacker was caught accused of assaulting three women. Victims describe him as a violent rapist.

In particular, as it became known, the testimony of women was made public, who accuse a 38-year-old man of forcing them to have sex, since he introduced himself to them as a law enforcement officer.

The alleged perpetrator was released a month ago after serving a prison sentence for the murder of a 48-year-old neuropathologist. He committed this crime in 2010. In the main ANT1 news bulletin, the murdered man’s sister described the offender as willing to do anything: “I was shocked when I found out that he was free again.”

So, posing as a police officer, the attacker raped and robbed three women. “He took a large knife out of his purse and barked:” Take off your clothes immediately! ” “, Says one of the victims in her testimony.

The 26-year-old young woman continues to describe everything she went through: “When I asked for my ID, he grabbed me and ordered me to undress. I realized that he was not a policeman, but since I did not know how all this could turn out, I obeyed him, because I was afraid that something irreparable might happen. During the action, which happened against my will, I cried, but he ordered me to “shut up”, and then “he will not harm me.”

The arrested person himself in every possible way denies the charges against him. He states that all three are prostitutes and that the meeting with them was arranged through intermediaries.

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