Experts sound the alarm: an increase in the number of infected has led to the postponement of the opening of trade

The coronavirus pandemic continues to rage. According to experts, today more than 3,500 infected are expected to be reported.

Earlier, EODY President Panayotis Arkumaneas, speaking in front of the ERT camera during a visit to Archbishop Jerome, said that there will be a large increase in cases today compared to previous days.

The Primate of the Greek Church expressed confidence that the difficulties will be overcome with patience and will, and noted the need for cooperation, unity and joint efforts. In particular, he stressed that “in the difficult period of the pandemic, we are called upon to fight together, and then all difficulties will be overcome.”

In addition, a very optimistic statement was made that “this year we will have a better Easter than last year. After which all difficulties will be overcome. We have patience and will to fight. We do not give in to admonitions, believing that there are no easy ways to solve the problem.

Experts continue to observe an increase in the number of cases
The EODY President stated that “the past weeks have been very difficult.” He noted that “in the near future, we will continue to see an increase in cases. We all need to be patient and carefully follow the measures. ” Mr Arkumaneas warmly thanked the Church “for the support and assistance it has provided in this difficult fight against the coronavirus.”

It should be noted that Sunday and Monday are not considered indicative of the number of reported cases due to the weekend as fewer tests are performed. Recall that yesterday, EODY reported 1707 new cases in the country and 69 deaths, 681 patients are in the hospital for intubation.

Retail: opening early April.
With the data currently available, it became impossible to open retail stores on March 29th. The conclusion was made based on the latest data on coronavirus, since both the epidemiological situation in the country and the difficult situation in hospitals (lack of beds), especially in Attica, leave no room for mitigating quarantine measures.

Apparently, the gradual retail opening will be considered from the beginning of April. At the same time, the authorities try not to talk about the timing, since the easing of measures has already been postponed several times. According to them, everything can be specifically judged only on the basis of the data of the epidemiological picture available at the moment.

In essence, this means that the postponement of store openings will affect the later opening of schools and, of course, restaurants and catering in general.

Recall that with regard to the resumption of the educational process, the Greek government has made the opening of secondary schools a priority. As for the catering sector, it will probably be opened before Easter with very strict protection measures.

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